The Maryland Geological Society's newsletter, The Rostrum, has been published continuously since its first issue in the Winter of 1991. In recent years, it has been published every other month, beginning in January. (During the pandemic, fewer issues have been published.) Each issue contains a message from the club president, news, articles, announcements of upcoming trips, accounts of past trips, a list of upcoming fossil and mineral shows and events, poems, pictures, and more.

Members are invited to submit items to the editor for inclusion.

To submit materials to The Rostrum editor, Rick Smith, email them to the . Thank you.

To read some past issues, go to the Selected Past Issues page. During 2021, the 30th anniversary of the club, this page will include this year's issues as they are published.

The Rostrum has won many awards for the quality of its content. Those awards are highlighted on the Awards page.
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