Field Trips and Activities

The Maryland Geological Society is an advocate of responsible collecting. The Society has permission to collect in all of the sites it visits that require such permission. Most trips are weather dependent and some require at least an average level of physical fitness.

Field trips are restricted to MGS members only.

Assumption of Risks: Field trip attendees are solely responsible for their own safety. Field trip sites have hazardous areas that cannot be made completely safe. Collecting is inherently risky. Risks include falls, cliff collapses, trees falling, and injury from falling material, flying material, snakes, insects and animals. The fact that the club may insist attendees follow safety or etiquette rules or warn that an area or activity is unsafe does not imply a duty to forbid attendees from or warn them away from all spots or unsafe activities. Attendees should not assume an area is safe just because others let you collect or are collecting there themselves. Attendees must use their own judgement, accept the consequences, and hold all others harmless.

Marci Robinson is the MGS Field Trip Coordinator. MGS junior member David is coordinating youth trips.

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Upcoming Trips

None scheduled at this time.
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