The Maryland Geological Society, a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the collection, study, and display of all aspects of the geological sciences, is composed of amateur and professional fossil and mineral collectors. Membership is open to all and visitors are always welcome!

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Latest News

Meeting Held on Thursday, October 14

At the latest MGS meeting (October 14 on Zoom), MGS President Rick Smith led a discussion of the salient issues that should be considered as the club determines where, when, and how to conduct future meetings. Rick said that a future Zoom meeting would be held to make decisions on these issues.

Also at the meeting, Jim Stedman gave a talk introducing microfossils with a focus on finding foraminifera and ostracode fossil shells in Maryland. The montage of images below shows the various foram and ostracode shells included in his talk. All of these specimens came from matrix inside two fossil mollusk shells found along the Calvert Cliffs. They are from the Miocene.

2021 Newsletter Issues Online

As part of celebrating the club's 30th anniversary this year, all of this year's issues of the MGS newsletter, The Rostrum, will be posted on the website. Issues from 2021 and those for some previous years are available on the Selected Past Issues page.

No Dues For 2021

No dues will be collected for 2021. Dues paid for 2020 will be applied to a future dues payment. Individuals can join MGS in 2021 by filling out a membership application form and sending it to Treasurer Rob King WITHOUT the $15 membership dues. The application form and Rob's address can be found on the Join page.

Next Meeting

Zoom meeting to make decisions on how to conduct future meetings will be held on an as-yet-to-be-determined date. Information on accessing this meeting will be distributed to members.

Featured Mineral

The featured mineral is eudialyte which is usually pink or red in color. An article by Bob Farrar on this mineral will appear in the next issue of the MGS newletter.

(Shown above is a specimen of eudialyte from the Kola Peninsula in Russia. This image is reproduced with permission of Rob Lavinsky under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, and is available from Wikimedia Commons.)


The MGS Trips page has information on policies regarding trips and details about any upcoming trips. MGS trips are restricted to members. There are no trips currently scheduled.


Want to keep up with some of the latest information on fossils and minerals appearing on the web? Then check out the MGS WebSightings page.

MGS Gallery

Pictures showing great specimens from members' collections can be seen on the MGS Gallery page.

Notable Quote

Naturalist Erasmus Darwin (Charles Darwin's grandfather):

E conchis omnia.
(Everything from shells.)
The Maryland Geological Society is a member of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

The Maryland Geological Society is NOT affiliated with the Maryland Geological Survey, a state governmental organization.
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