The Maryland Geological Society, a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the collection, study, and display of all aspects of the geological sciences, is composed of amateur and professional fossil and mineral collectors. Membership is open to all and visitors are always welcome!

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Latest News

July Meeting Cancelled; September Meeting Expected To Be In Person

At the May meeting, it was agreed to cancel the July meeting, a session with relatively low attendance under the best of circumstances. The expectation is that meeting in person will be possible in September. There will be some modest form of the annual auction at that meeting. More information will be forthcoming.

Paleontologist Victor Perez Spoke on Megalodon at May Meeting

Dr. Victor Perez, assistant curator of paleontology at the Calvert Marine Museum, delivered an excellent talk on the evolution, ecology, and body size of Megalodon. He walked listeners through the changing genus names that have been applied to Megalodon, changes that reflect the flux in the understanding of its evolutionary roots. He made a strong case that the Great White is not the evolutionary descendant of Megalodon. The screen shot below shows some of the salient differences between teeth from these two types of shark.

Dr. Perez discussed what is known about the diet of this shark and delineated how the shape of its teeth reflected that diet. As to methods of estimating Megalodon body size, he reviewed the commonly used (but erroneous) rule of thumb based on the maximum size of its teeth, as well as the more rigorous methodology that initially replaced it. He concluded by delineating a new methodology he derived based on "summed crown width." The image below shows a screen-capture from his talk which summarizes the three main points he made.

The slides Dr. Perez used during his talk can be accessed in a PDF file here. His scientific paper on the topic can be accessed in full here. The MGS thanks him for his thoughtful and informative presentation.

No Dues For 2021

No dues will be collected for 2021. Dues paid for 2020 will be applied to a future dues payment. Individuals can join MGS in 2021 by filling out a membership application form and sending it to Treasurer Rob King WITHOUT the $15 membership dues. The application form and Rob's address can be found on the Join page.

Next Meeting

September 19, 2021. This meeting is expected to be held in person. More information will be forthcoming.

Mineral of the May Meeting

The mineral of the May meeting was adamite (basic zinc arsenate). It is typically yellow or greenish yellow.

(Shown above is a specimen of adamite from Durango, Mexico. This image is reproduced with permission of Rob Lavinsky under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, and is available from Wikimedia Commons.)

The July issue of The Rostrum features not only an article by Bob Farrar about adamite but also one on creedite (a mineral he presented at the March meeting on Zoom).

MGS' Tom Piscitelli to Deliver NHSM Talk

MGS member Tom Piscitelli will be speaking about Plant Evolution Through Geological Time at a Natural History of Maryland Society event. Tom's talk will take place on August 4 beginning at 7 p.m. This event is open to anyone who registers at the NHSM event registration page. Registration is free though a donation is suggested. Access is via Zoom or in-person at the NHSM.

2021 Newsletter Issues Online

As part of celebrating the club's 30th anniversary this year, all of this year's issues of the MGS newsletter, The Rostrum, will be posted on the website. Issues from 2021 and those for some previous years are available on the Selected Past Issues page.

Tom Piscitelli's Recent Finds

The MGS Gallery newly features many pictures of the impressive array of fossils that Tom found on his recent trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC. Here's just a little taste.


Want to keep up with some of the latest information on fossils and minerals appearing on the web? Then check out the MGS WebSightings page.
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